Do you have a creative accountability partner?

Clarity Intention Word Clay Imprint

Clarity – A gift from Ruthmari for each of us. Personalized with our 2014 intention word.
I love mine.

Today I am meeting with a group of wonderful lady friends of mine. They are my tribe, or we are each other’s tribe is more so the case. We officially meet the first Wednesday of every month, same place same time. We are all artists, though each of us has our own artistic outlets. We all share a strong bond of friendship even though we range in age and background. I’ve dubbed this group, “The Creative Lunch Ladies”, which is sort of my bad humor because the term lunch lady brings memories of hair-netted old ladies ladling unidentifiable slop onto trays of high school kids. I love these ladies!

A little over a year ago, I started kicking around the idea of bringing some like-minded artist women together who I know to form a group to encourage each other and help each other grow both artistically and whole person and the foundation of it would be a creative accountability group. The group has been going strong and it has been such a blessing for each of us. Here some highlights of our groups goals and activities:

The goals of our accountability group:

  • Accountability
  • Honesty with compassion
  • Brainstorming
  • Sharing resources
  • Share organizational tools
  • Frank discussions on our goals
  • Have fun and bond
  • Have each others back and support each other
  • Pray for each in times of need
  • and zero whining allowed
  • Celebrate successes as a group!

This year we have decided to implement another step in the process to help us connect even further with each other. Each month we will be pairing up together to check in and connect with our partner during the week. These pairs will change monthly to help keep a fresh perspective and give everyone a chance to bond at a deeper level.

Weekly partner check in:

  • Each week the partners will agree on a day and time to check in with each other either through a brief email or short phone call
  • Weekly check in will cover these topics:
    1. Start with bragging on a recent success from the past week.
      1. steps towards goal(s) accomplished
      2. career, artistic or personal accomplishments, kudos
      3. etc.
    2. Share a  challenge or difficulty facing
      1. how to move forward on a challenge
      2. how to handle a difficult situation of person
      3. etc.
    3. Anything else (open-ended share)
      1. declare goals for upcoming week
      2. give each other critique of marketing, creative or business writing efforts
      3. needs
      4. question me when you see something that could be done better
      5. share ideas
  • Respond to each others blogging and social media efforts.
  • Check in during week if we’re stuck or want to share success via text, email or quick phone call.

Do you have a creative friend or group to help you stay on track and stir your creativity? Artists need other artists. Creativity thrives in community. Even if you are a tried and true introvert like me, you still need to connect with others and get out there once in a while. Another benefit of having creative accountability partner is safety in numbers. What is in your creative career that scares you or you need to push through? Now there is someone who has your back and can encourage you through it. If you haven’t done so, start networking with other artists in your area. Invite them to coffee or tea. Build your tribe!

2 thoughts on “Do you have a creative accountability partner?

  1. What a fine idea you have for your ladies group. Several years ago I joined and supported a writers group (even though I am a painter) I wanted to get help with my children’s book writing. It was such a positive experience. I think your group will serve greatly for you all, and I enjoyed reading your outlines for doing it. Great post and encouraging for others as well.


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