A Sketch in my Art Studio

view if the desk in my art studio - sketchbook - © Rebecca Stahr

View of my desk in my studio – sketchbook – © Rebecca Stahr

This is a tiny corner of my art studio where my desk sits. It’s a view from the other side of the room where I have a sitting area. The sketch looks sort of compressed for space. The cart with brushes and the table easel that is sitting on the floor is actually a little farther back than it looks. One thing that is hard to draw in my studio is perspective because the walls are all at an angle.

My studio is in the walk up attic of my home. It has two nice window dormers on opposite ends of a square shaped room. and the walls start from the floor and go up to the center of the room in a pyramid shape. It sounds odd but this is actually a classic farm house shaped roof called a foursquare because the house is in the shape of a square with four quadrants on each floor. It makes it tough to hang pictures up here but the open layout is great for space.

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