What are Your Creative Intentions for the New Year?

As the year comes to a close, I naturally start to reflect on how my year has gone. It really is true how the older you get, the more time feels it flys by. I watch my son grow and can’t believe how tall he is getting. His taste in toys has now matured as well. During the holidays, the one thing I make sure to do is slow down even though the the world is in a holiday frenzy. I use the time to reflect and just be thankful. This year has been a creative year for me and full of many blessings.


One of the practices I have consistently held is instead of the typical New Years resolution, I look at the various segments of my life and create goals. For me these areas are…personal (heath, learning, spiritual and social/family) as well as my artist life and it’s various creative and business aspects.

Starting last year in addition to these goals, I have chosen a word that gives a theme or overall mental guide to the direction of all these goals. Last year’s word was “Intention.” I wanted all my efforts to be intentional and moving me to forward instead of just going in circles. I tried to question my reasoning as to why I wanted to put my energy into an effort and make sure it aligned with my overall vision of the path I wished to take.

This year I am still pondering that word. I have a couple of thoughts, including the words… play and explore. I have started a new medium of encaustic wax painting in my creative life and I love how it brings together all my various loves through its versatility. I also had taken a street photography class last fall and it has reawakened my love of exploring the world. I really think it would be valuable to take the time and see how I can bring all that I love together into a cohesive authentic artistic path for myself. Maybe my word for the year should be journey?

Help me out! What words come to mind to you as I describe my thoughts for the year? Do you have an intention word for yourself? I would love to hear yours. Please share so we all can benefit.

8 thoughts on “What are Your Creative Intentions for the New Year?

  1. woo hoo! Another EMDer working in encaustic! Nice job, and I hope we can chat and compare notes! melissalackman.com/gallery;artworks-melissa.blogspot.com are my sites. I need to write a New Years’ post later in the day, but my artistic goals will focus on creating a body of work and seriously pursuing more shows and gallery representation, plus fitting in some workshop time.


    • Thank you for stopping by! I am so excited to find another Encaustic artist. I am newer to this medium but am totally in love with it. It is going to be a major focus if my new year as well. Keep checking back. I have more I need to post both on my blog and website. I look forward to connecting with you!


  2. I think it is the greatest idea to have a word as your guide post for the coming year to keep you on track. I have never heard that before – and I will do the same. Thank you! I already knew Melissa’s excellent work in encaustic, and am quite interested to see what you do with it. It is fascinating the patterns she gets. The whole medium is a mystery to me. So I googled encaustic images and see that there are representational works too. Still a mystery.. Anyway, a happy & creative new year to you!


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