My Journey Into Encaustic Wax Painting Has Started

It’s been a while since I have said hi. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to share…quite the contrary. I have been having an amazing sprint of creativity these last few months. I have been out shooting pictures in various neighborhoods in Chicago, I’ve been treasure hunting for inspiration through vintage and junk shops and lastly I have fallen in love with the medium of encaustic wax painting.

I love how I can merge my love of color and texture with my love of vintage and rust and decay. When I was out shooting pictures, one of the biggest things I was attracted to was the rust and peeling paint and the abstract beauty it created. I plan on turning some of those into abstract encaustic paintings.

On one particular week, we were out shooting a scrap yard in the city. My friend was laughing at me because as we were taking pictures, I was just as interested in the sidewalk where as I was walking as watching the action of the scrap yard.  There was all kinds of rusty scraps and I was stuffing my pockets full of my finds. (She laughs but in the end she was helping me pick up my treasures.)

Scrap Yard Traffic Duty - 2013 - (c) Rebecca J. Stahr

Scrap Yard Traffic Duty – 2013 – (c) Rebecca J. Stahr

Below is one of my first encaustic studies. This encaustic was inspired by the many objects I have found while exploring and going for walks. It is a combination of man made and natural objects that are in the process of decay. They were once considered beautiful or useful but now over looked or discarded. There is beauty in their story and in the process that the earth so quickly reclaims all things.

Fleeting Moments - Encaustic Mixed-Media - 2013 - (c) Rebecca J. Stahr

Fleeting Moments – Encaustic Mixed-Media – 2013 – (c) Rebecca J. Stahr

What I absolutely love about the process of encaustic is its diverseness. One of the processes that can be done is image transfer. I am hoping to bring together my love of sketching with this process. Keep checking back and I will keep you updated on my progress. Better yet subscribe to my blog 🙂 and you won’t miss a thing.

4 thoughts on “My Journey Into Encaustic Wax Painting Has Started

  1. So happy to find your blog! Rust is such an interesting artsy subject. I am taking a watercolor workshop with Anne Abgott and it all about painting RUST! I have been looking for the perfect “rusty” photo of an item.I am thinking about the old Ringling Brothers trains in Florida (this is where the workshop will be held, Sarasota). Good luck with your encaustic painting. It has so much wonderful texture. Marian


    • Thank you Marian! I am honored that you enjoy my blog and very happy to find a fellow rust lover. 🙂 Your workshop sounds wonderful in so many ways. Warm weather, juicy watercolor and rust… What could be better. Enjoy! Send me a link to your posted work when you are done. I would love to see it!


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