Getting my sketchbook groove back on

It’s tough being a little out of practice with my sketching. My hand isn’t as sure as it was. Though for me, my hand has somewhat of a spastic mind of its own anyhow. Control and patience with my sketching has never been my strong suit. My hand wants to document things as fast as my eye can take it in and that is just impossible. Therefore, my lines usually have a lot of what I like to call “energy”(or it could be just too much coffee).

One of my favorite places to sit and relax and have some lunch is a little local cuban place near me called Lulo’s Cuban Cafe. They have great food and the owners are really nice.
My poor garden has been feeling the effects of the super hot weather we have been having lately. I believe yesterday was in the mid-nineties. I thought prairie flowers were drought resistant. Even my echinacea are wilting.

In an effort to find something to sketch, my banana fit the criteria.

For those of you who keep a sketchbook, what motivates you to keep sketching? I think for me it isn’t so much lack of motivation but so many other creative things pulling me in other directions at the moment. Your thoughts and personal experiences? Please share…

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