Back to my sketchbook routine now that summer is coming to a close

This summer was a great summer. It also was a busy summer. Routine was thrown to the wind and having fun and exploring new things was the game plan.

Personally, I was obsessed with my camera. I spent a lot of time with some artist friends of mine and went out looking for interesting places to take pictures. I took so so many that I am still sorting and organizing them. I’ve posted a few here and there on Instagram and Facebook but my goal is to get together some groupings to both sell online as well as maybe exhibit locally.

One thing that got neglected was my sketchbook habit. My poor lonely sketchbook would sit in my bag week by week untouched as I was on to other things. Now that school is back in session and things are returning to a normal flow I have started to pull it out again.

Last Day of Summer

Lately, I have been interested in texture and felt the need to add something more to my sketchbook pages. I found some old scraps of sheet music that looked interesting to me so I decided to try incorporating scraps of paper into my pages. What do you think?


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