Graphite Skull Study No. 1

It’s been a while, but I am back. It has been a great summer and now school is back in session and I am back at the drawing board without distraction. I have had a great but fast summer and even though I haven’t been in the studio much, I have been having some creative fun. Anyone who follows me on Instagram and Facebook has seen I have been posting some of my explorations with my camera. One of those outings was at the Wilmot Flea Market where I found these treasures for a steal.


I am fascinated by animal bones and skeletons and look forward to doing many more studies including possibly a very large format drawing. This study was done with both graphite pencil and powder in about an hour.

Graphite Skull Study No. 1

2 thoughts on “Graphite Skull Study No. 1

  1. Rebecca,
    I am fascinated with bones also (The Hip bone is my recent obsession and challenge) I am currently trying to incorporate them into my figure drawings having trouble tackling parts that include concave or circle detail shading. Your drawing is really amazing and exactly the reference I was looking for, any tips or advice for me or of shading/drawing those parts of the bones the curve behind and/or in front of each other? I use blending stumps for all of my shading and have started gaining confidence using different pencils but I like to stay on the Hb..B side..
    I am starting my Graphite Powdered Adventure very soon too.. Never tried.. but your advice really helped, can’t wait.

    Ps. I have to say, the last few times I have been researching for a new drawing or media tips or advice I keep ending up back at your website/blog so I decided to join! I never do these things or write comments, but your “Posts” and conversations I guess have kept me coming back for more, so just wanted to say Hey, Thanks for taking the time to put your trial and errors out there for the rest of us! Can’t wait to see more pencil drawings of yours.



    • Wow! Thanks so much for the compliments. As for advise, add a more dramatic light source maybe… And squint your eyes to see the shapes minus the detail. Use the shapes of negative space to help you. And sometimes less is more… Your eyes and mind sometimes help fill in things like broken lines etc. hope it helps!


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