Kelsey’s Roadhouse for lunch

On a Saturday in April we were out and about and decided to have an early dinner at what my son calls “the castle”.  From the outside, the building does indeed look like an old castle and the bar downstairs a dungeon.

My husband used to go here back in the late 60’s and early 70’s with his family and every time we come here he tells be about the Kelsey girls back in the day in their hot pants and tiny shirts. Apparently they made quite an impression on his pre-adolescent mind. I am not all that sad to say the old uniforms is gone.

We were too early to eat down in the bar area and the upstairs has been updated. The old Kelsey’s pizza has also been replaced by a Chicago chain pizza. I think the next time we go back it will have to be at a time we can eat downstairs so I can get some good drawings of the quirky atmosphere. I would love to sit outside and draw the outside as well.


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