How to think spring even when it’s snowing outside


I don’t know about where you are but in my little part of the world it is snowing yet again today. We are two days away from spring, the weather is acting like it is January and I have full blown spring fever. I decided to visit the store last week and buy myself some flowers that I can enjoy now and plant when the weather finally decides to cooperate.

This beautiful hyacinth is flowering nicely and the fragrance fills the room. I have photographed it and painted it and will probably paint it again today.

16 thoughts on “How to think spring even when it’s snowing outside

  1. Lovely drawing! I kinda understand what Dan means. Here in Houston, it’s in the 70’s today…it was on the high 60’s this morning, I am going to miss the colder weather….and I hope there’s a way they could just bring the snow here.


  2. Rebecca, just ignore those folks basking in sunshine already 🙂 We’re in the same boat here in the UK: yesterday the heavy rain was so cold it was very nearly sleet, I was chilled to the bone, and I wondered if ever EVER spring would come – so you have my sympathy. That flower is so beautifully drawn I can smell it from here 🙂


  3. Your softly colored watercolor certainly made me think spring while expecting a wallop of a snow storm. Lovely to look at, your hyacinth!!


    • Thank you Jean. I use both the Koi and Winsor & Newton. I love them both. These just happened to be the Winsor & Newton.


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