Sketching at Lulo’s Cuban Cafe

Sketching at Lulo's

We have a little local Cuban restaurant called Lulo’s that sits at the edge of our neighborhood across from the train station. Their food is always fresh and mouth-wateringly wonderful.  I could live on their black bean soup and occasionally (who am I kidding… I get it every time) I will treat myself to a piece of their lemon polenta cake. I love supporting local businesses and this is my favorite place to spend a nice quiet lunch alone.

2 thoughts on “Sketching at Lulo’s Cuban Cafe

  1. Good for you Rebecca for not adding in talk bubbles like I would’ve done 🙂 I love the delicacy of your line and the hint of color. Did they ever notice you sketching? Probably not and to Don Colley’s point they may not even care. Keep up the good posts.


    • Thanks Wes. Usually I am pretty good at hiding that I am sketching. I did bring my watercolors today and tried that out. I’ll be posting that later this week. It wasn’t too much more to tackle. I did feel like I was going to run out of time before they left though.

      Rebecca Stahr | Artist t: 847.867.7943 w: b:


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