Watercolor and Ink Star Fruit Studies



These little guys always sort of fascinate me at the store. I’ve bought them twice now and have never really known the best time to eat them so waited til they were good and yellow. Of course I had to paint them first.

19 thoughts on “Watercolor and Ink Star Fruit Studies

  1. Starfruits! Yummy 🙂 looks yummy. There used to be a tree at my parents’ house’s backyard, we were getting 2-3 star fruits consistently everyday it was awesome!


  2. You’ve captured the colors really well. Hate to say this though, but the star fruit was one of my least favorite fruits. We had plenty of those in my hometown. I’ll also include the passion fruit as one of my least favorite. But I love the juice that’s made out of it. 🙂


  3. I’m thinking of trying to be brave and pick up a paintbrush to try watercolour myself – when I see gorgeous, elegant, colourful, light yet deep paintings like your starfruits, it really encourages me! Lovely post.


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