It was a Saturday morning Dr. Who marathon

My son is currently obsessed with Dr. Who and watches the old episodes on Netflix. He can tell you which number doctor it is (I think number 10 is his favorite). He is also collecting the “action” figures from a local game store in town. I wish they made Dr. Who books for kids. We go to the library and he checks out the adult ones. I’m not sure how much he absorbing but at least he is reading.


10 thoughts on “It was a Saturday morning Dr. Who marathon

  1. Hey I recognize that couch pose! My son did that while watching hours of Power Rangers and now he’s 20 years old and still looks like that watching Comedy Central or video games. Wonderfully captured too–almost as if he was hiding from you somehow 🙂


  2. A beautiful sketch – the cat seems aghast at what your son is doing. I think it is great that he is reading “adult” books – he will expand his vocabulary and learn much that way, I think. I also think that liking Dr. Who means your son has a great imagination! Maybe he’ll be a painter or a writer..


  3. What a lovely scene! I like how you use broader outlines here and there, it gives a very interesting effect. And…there’s Dr Who action figures? Who knew? 😉


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