The sketch that made me late

I had a little time between two appointments yesterday and decided to stop at Starbucks so I have a little coffee and do some sketching. I sat down in one of my favorite corners that has a nice viewpoint and got to work. I vaguely remember thinking I should set myself an alarm. This proved to be sound thinking that I will heed next time around because suddenly I thought, “Oh no! Check the time.” One minute until my appointment. Yikes! Good thing I was only five minutes away. Don’t you love it when you are so absorbed in your art that all sense of everything else just slips away?

Sketching at Starbucks

8 thoughts on “The sketch that made me late

  1. Rebecca,
    I agree. You have a wonderful touch. I have a technique question. Since I love how you come back to emphasize some lines, what pencil or pen do you use to make the initial lines that are lighter?



    • Thanks for your kind words Bruce.

      I usually start my sketches by either doing a quick block in of shape guides in pencil (if a complex sketch I want to take a little time on) or an 01 Micron pen. If I am using the pencil first I still use the smaller point pen as my next step because the pencil is more of a spacing guide. I grab the gestures of the people etc. this way and that is why it tends to be a more alive(nice word for crazy 😉 ) line. At the end I use an 05 Micron pen to add definition and focus to where I want it.


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