Sketching at the Art Institute Chicago

It’s been twenty years since I’ve seen her. I shouldn’t be able to say that. I’m not that old yet. At least I don’t feel like it…well at least mentally. The last time I saw Julie was in 1991. We went to the American Academy of Art in Chicago together. There was a group of us that were close and did everything together including skip class to head to the beach. I guess life happened after college and we sort of lost contact. Thanks to Facebook we were able to connect again.

I took the train downtown and met up with Julie at Union Station. She brought an old sketchbook one of our friends passed on to her. There were pictures and sketches from us all in there. It was really fun to look through. Wow did we look young. I had a lot of hair đŸ™‚ We also spent some time at the Art Institute Chicago and sketched. I am looking forward to doing this again soon.



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