I love sketching and painting faded flowers

There is something interesting and beautiful to me about faded and decaying flowers and plant life. It is the textures and colors that happen in the process. It’s also why I like old rusty things and rust stained buildings and cement.

These flowers are part of a beautiful flower arrangement my friend had brought over on Thanksgiving. I love capturing the entire life cycle of owning it. When it is fresh and in full bloom I sketch it and paint it. I also be sure to take reference photos for future use. (I am working on a large watercolor at the moment that is an almost abstract macro view of one of the blooms.) As the flowers fade and die off I tend to pick some of the interesting ones and sketch them as well. This one I let fully dry and will probably sketch it again with ink and watercolor.


2 thoughts on “I love sketching and painting faded flowers

  1. I’m definitely with you on this! I love to draw and paint daffodils as they develop, peak and then fade, lovely at every stage for different reasons. Your drawing is lovely.


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