It’s been a watercolor weekend

The leaves are quickly starting to disappear off the trees for the season. I feel as if I am in a mad rush to capture every last bit of beautiful color before it is gone. On Saturday, I was very blessed with a large chunk of uninterrupted time and I was able to come up with these four leaf studies. My goal is to get a large group of these studies together and offer the best ones as notecards and prints. I need to do that soon before autumn passses us by.

Watercolor Leaf Series002

Watercolor Leaf Series001

Watercolor Leaf Series004

Watercolor Leaf Series003

These candies remind me of my grandma. She always had them in her purse for her grandchildren and would produce them at particular times… usually to keep us quiet during church.

Smarties Candies

22 thoughts on “It’s been a watercolor weekend

  1. DEFINITELY not bored of your leaf studies, more in awe of them – they are seriously beautiful. Do let us know when you get them into a collection of some sort. I look forward to it. Lovely work.


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