I am obsessed with leaves lately

I plan on going for a walk again later today to collect more leaves. I can’t get enough of the colors and I will be very sad when it is all gone. Hopefully a new obsession will present itself. I’d rather it not be snow. Sticks and bark could be interesting…anything but lots of snow.

I am testing some sites for printing to see if I can turn some of my leaf studies into notecards. I turned this one into a Thanksgiving card and am planning on printing some to use.
Watercolor Leaves by Rebecca Stahr

My son’s birthday was this past Wednesday. For his birthday he wanted to go to a “fancy restaurant.” It was very cute. I found a local modern Asian place that was nearby that had a very dramatic zen-like decor and made a reservation. The two of us(Dad sadly had to be out of town on business) dressed up and had a fancy birthday dinner.
Sketching in Drawing Class and Birthday Dinner Sketch

Misc. Sketchbook Images Spread

Decorative Squashes

Cub Scouts Mid-Sale Rally Sketch


16 thoughts on “I am obsessed with leaves lately

  1. Check out an artist by the name of George Olson, from Ohio. I took a workshop from him in AZ and he does amazing drawings with leaves, grasses, and plants. His book, “The Elemental Prairie” is an example of how beautiful the prairie plants are. Keep up the good work – sketching anything everyday for 15 minutes promotes great progress!


  2. Dear Rebecca! Thank you so so very much for your donation to Maddie’s Mission!! Oh we are so thankful! Next week’s post will be about the Walk will be offering a free Genevieve print from my Etsy shop for every $10 donation. So go ahead and pick one if you like, or just wait til next Monday. there will be a link and everything. You are a dear! And P.S. I’m loving the line portrait you did here! Wonderful works all around! Sincerely, Jennifer


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