Posts From My Sketchbook the Past Week (part 2)

Here are the second half of the recent entries of my sketchbook from the last week or so…

I’ve been loving the colors for the leaves lately. I really need to get out for a good long walk and gather a bunch for a day of watercolor studies.
Oak Leaf

Queen Anne's Lace

I spend twice a week sitting in my son’s karate class. I get to sit and do studies of people.
Chair at Karate Class and People Studies

people study

cat study

people study and mini pumpkins

12 thoughts on “Posts From My Sketchbook the Past Week (part 2)

    • I am the master of covert sketching. I get super self-conscious if people are watching or know. They see I have my book out but I am off in the corner so I don’t think they realize what I am doing. I did show my one friend at one point but she didn’t know I was drawing her. I wish I were more bold about it and not care. I would probably get more complete sketches.


  1. Is it me or are objects so much easier than people? If for no other reason because you know the object isn’t going anywhere. I’m looking forward to seeing more watercolor leaves.


    • Yes Mary! I agree. I love sketching people but it is so hard. I guess that is why I focus so much on trying to capture people instead of the easy way with unmoving objects. I’m terrible at architecture though. Straight lines are the death if me sometimes.


  2. Really nice sketches. I especially like the way you combined color and ink hatching on the leaf and you Queen Ann’s lace is just as delicate as the real blossom.and stem. Lovely.


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