From the Sketchbook Open Studio Wednesday

Yes, I know it isn’t Wednesday. I’m a little slow in posting this week. I got a new scanner (FINALLY) and have been playing it. I scanned in a few pieces hoping to make postcards and prints from them. I am testing out the quality of a few sites. I have signed up at, and I’ve uploaded a few images to see what the quality comes back as. I’m looking for any feedback as to a good place for quality notecards and prints etc. Please post your recommendations for everyone in the comments below.

Now for the Wednesday part… I occasionally sign up for classes here and there for growth and interaction with fellow artists. My schedule is kind of tight at this time so my options were limited. All that worked for me was a drawing class where I know the teacher. She is a fellow American Academy of Art graduate and I have taken class time with her before. Even though this class is actually a beginning drawing class, she is letting me use it as open studio time. I will interact here and there with the class but I will probably be working in watercolor or whatever other medium inspires me. While it would be nice to be in a guided class that challenges me, I do find it fun to watch emerging artists find their joy in creating things sometimes for the first time. I look forward to what Wednesdays bring me creatively in the upcoming weeks.

Drawing Class
Drawing Class 002

Drawing Class 001

Playing Scrabble Waiting at Karate (left)
Listening to Music While Waiting For Dinner (right)
Split Spread - Waiting at Karate and Dinner

Hosta Bloom
Hosta Bloom

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