Campers, Bananas and Bears…Oh My!!

It’s been a bit since I posted my progress on my Create365 daily sketching progress. I am happy to report that I have so far made it to day 55. I am really starting to feel a groove starting and am enjoying the progress and many times find myself pulling out my sketchbook multiple times a day. I already see a difference in my sketching style. I’ve posted quite a few of my recent sketches. My future goal is to do more frequent posts that are not so long.

Camping View behind Cabin Cabin.. Boys relaxing in morning We went camping with our good friends and their son over Labor Day weekend. Other than a close call with a skunk who was scared into our direction by a dog (thus ending our evening outdoors a little early because the odor was so strong you could taste it) we had a great time.

Bookstore Cafe Girls doing homework at the bookstore cafe


Relaxing with new toy close by
I swear this isn’t my son’s only position… All my sketches seem to be of him sitting in this chair either watching TV or on an iPad.

Karate Class Sketch during son's karate class Collage of Sketches Plant Study

New Moleskine Cracked open a new Moleskine... Inside front cover illustration complete.

Found Object Found object

13 thoughts on “Campers, Bananas and Bears…Oh My!!

  1. I love all the pictures, they are so varied – such life in each one. Brilliant – keep them coming please! They are inspiring – and huge congrats on getting to day 55!


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