It’s Day 30 of my 365 Days of Creativity

I’ve made it to day 30 of 365 and so far it’s been fun. It’s nice to see my sketchbook filling up with all my everyday events. He are some of my sketches from the past week…

The tv space in our walk-up attic
The tv space in our walk-up attic
The third floor of our house is a walk-up attic that is the entire space of the house (a big square). The attic roof is like a large pyramid with a dormer window out the front and back of the house. The house style is an old farmhouse four-square…though our house is new. The attic is only partially finished. My art studio is up there and a tv area sits off to one side with the tv tucked in the corner where the roof corners meet.

Puerto Aculpulco
Puerto Aculpulco
A small family owned Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood that we eat at all the time.

My Riding Boots
My Riding Boots
If I could I would wear these everywhere and with everything. They are unbelievably comfortable…and filthy.

My keys
My Car Keys
Why do car keys have to be so big and bulky nowadays?

Breakfast outdoors
Breakfast on the Patio
It was hotter than heck but I was determined to enjoy the outdoors.

Next Door Pub
Next Door Pub in Lake Geneva, WI
This place hasn’t changed a big since it opened almost 40 years ago. It seems to add to it’s charm though. The food was good.

8 thoughts on “It’s Day 30 of my 365 Days of Creativity

  1. Totally awesome! Those boots are terrific! I just got some new boots and I can’t wait til the temps get cooler so I can wear them.


  2. Rebecca,
    I see a lot of good sketching here! I see wonderful drawings of interiors and above all one of my most favorite subjects, old shoes. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep going with your challenge. I’m with you!! 🙂


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