365 Days of Creativity

I given myself a challenge. My goal is to complete a consistent 365 days of creativity. Using my iPhone, I am documenting my progress in an app called Photo365. I started this challenge on July 12th and so far I have not broken the chain. Not every attempt has been a success but there was technically success in the fact that I did do something creative.

I allowed the parameters to be anything from a quick doodle or a sketch/painting in my sketchbook to creatively playing with my iPhone camera apps to make an interesting picture. My formal pencil drawings are counted as separate from this playtime.

I am truly enjoying the process and find myself constantly on the lookout for one more thing to draw or paint. Although, I guess I do that anyhow so this has just further enabled the obsession. I am actually finding myself gravitating more  to my sketchbooks than I am the drawing I am working on sitting on  my drawing board. I sense a change in my larger “project” work may be on the horizon. For the moment though I am going to play my way through as many sketchbooks as I can and I have a feeling that at the end of these 365 days I will have a much clearer direction on that thought.

Here are some of my recent sketches…

Car Dealer Waiting Room

Something's Brewing Coffee Shop Corner


Goodbye Party for my Brother

At Dinner... Date Going on in Background

View more of my sketches at my Flickr profile at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rebeccastahr/

11 thoughts on “365 Days of Creativity

  1. I’ll follow your progress on my RSS reader. I like having something to check out every day like a favorite newspaper but your art will be more inspiring. the side of the house with the flowers got my attention.


  2. Thanks everyone!

    Stew: my more formal drawings take me forever as well. These sketches help me with keeping fresh and spontaneous. You should give them a try. It’s also good for hand-eye coordination. 🙂


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