Farmer’s Market Watercolor Sketchbook Inspiration

I was finally able to get out to one of our local farmer’s market this year and got some beautiful vegetables. The colors were so inspiring that I couldn’t wait to get out my watercolor sketchbook.

Red onions

The cantaloupe wasn’t from the farmer’s market but I have been feeling really inspired with color lately so I pulled them out and captured my breakfast as well.

Cantaloupe Breakfast

Here is my little travel set of Koi watercolors, Micron Pens and my watercolor Moleskine.
My travel watercolor sketchbook kit

21 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Watercolor Sketchbook Inspiration

  1. Rebecca, these drawings from the Farmer’s Market are lovely in their delicate line and wash! And I’ve read through some of your recent posts and I am so sorry to hear about the Bells Palsy! I will be thinking of you and hoping the meds continue to do what you need with minimal side effects. Your portrait of. your daughter with strawberries is exquisitely drawn! I look forward to seeing the final result. Take care!


    • Thanks Jen for the well wishes. I am very grateful for the meds. I now have no visual signs of the Bell’s and minimal strange feelings left in my jaw and cheek. The adorable little girl is my friend’s daughter. She is now a teenager. (time flies) My son does wish he had a sister though!


  2. Very beautiful ink and watercolors. Great subjects, well rendered. Your travel kit is virtually identical to the one I used to have when I used the Koi colors and waterbrush, and I used to use the Micron all of the time. Fun to see it – so similar.


    • Thanks Dan! I love looking at other people’s sketchbook kits and what sketchbooks they use as well. I am always fighting with myself not to carry too much with me and I still could probably do so.


    • Thanks Cathy! Yes, I do like the Koi watercolors so far. I also like that it comes with a little palette and the cover also works nice as a mixing spot. I also have a smaller Winsor Newton watercolor travel set and while I am a big fan of WN, I am ending up carrying the Koi at the moment because the case design is very convenient.


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