I woke up with a crooked smile


It’s been a long week. I’ve been dying to get back at my drawing but have been side tracked a bit. I’d been having an issue with pain in my jaw joint and thought I was getting better until I woke up with partial paralysis on the right side of my face and not being able to fully close my right eye. After an overnight hospital stay and some tests I am on a bunch of meds for Bell’s Palsy. I’m hoping for a quick recovery. The meds seem to be helping a little but they are making me sorta sick. I’ve been dizzy and my vision has been sorta blurred at times. So much for drawing at the moment.

Hopefully I will be back soon with some follow up on my latest drawing!

4 thoughts on “I woke up with a crooked smile

  1. So sorry about the Bell’s palsy, but I guess the overnight stay was to rule out anything else? it’s boring trying to eat and drink with your mouth partly out of commission, aside from the effects of meds. Let’s hope this goes away fast and lets you get back to work.


    • Thanks Boud! Yes the hospital stay was to get a closer look at things. I am seeing a slight improvement so hopefully I will be back to things shortly.

      On a side note… I must be looking better…
      my husband said I talk like Clutch Cargo. If he is joking with me … He must be seeing enough improvement to be making light of things.


  2. Hope all is going well with the recovery! Keep on it! I have Bells, also, and it does create a situation where you feel like your face no longer belongs to you! The meds are so helpful! Your art will help you nervous system recover, too!


  3. Thank you Elsie! I know what you mean about feeling like your face is not you own. Sometimes it is like someone has hijacked my facial muscles. It seems to go up and down but I am definately getting better. I am at a point now where you can’t really see it but I still feel it. I hope your recovery is coming along as well and thanks for your encouraging words!


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