My Sketches from Camping with Yogi and Friends

Camping Sketches - Breakfast

I woke up super early before everyone else and was starving. I didn’t want to wake anyone so I ate the only thing I could find that I could grab and eat outside…Fritos. Not my normal choice, but after all it is camping.

Camping Sketches - Rainy Day

It had rained all night and the next morning. We ended up going to a museum in Milwaukee until the rain passed.

Camping Sketches - Fire Pit

The fire pit on the other side of our cabin.

Camping Sketches - Pool

The weather was a lot of crazy extremes. The boys were able to go swimming on Sunday cause the weather got hot and humid. I watched and drew. Way too many people for my taste all cramped into a small area.

Camping Sketches - Collage

Various snapshots of our weekend.

10 thoughts on “My Sketches from Camping with Yogi and Friends

    • Thanks! Sometimes I look at everyone else’s including your wonderful paintings and my sketchbooks look so small in comparison. I need to get the drawing on my table finished. Maybe a second version in paint as well. Your recent painting is making my oils call my name.


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