Sketches From the Past Few Months

I carry around a few different sketchbooks depending on where I am going etc. The following sketches are from the sketchbook that gets toted around in my purse. You can usually tell this one because it is a lot of coffee shops and usually in there is the sorta portrait of the top part of my son’s head. When I sketch he is usually on some sort of electronic device as he waits for me, therefore if he is in the sketch it is usually him looking down and moving as he plays his video game…which makes him hard to sketch.

I realized as I was scanning my latest sketches from yesterday that I hadn’t uploaded any from this book in a while. Here some of them are…
My Favorite Chair
My Favorite Chair

Coffee Shop

After-School Treat
After-School Treat

Lunchtime and Lulo's Cuban Cafe
Lunchtime and Lulo’s Cuban Cafe – empty bowls…food was too good to wait 🙂

Working at coffee shop
Working at coffee shop

Bill's Pub North
Bill’s Pub North

12 thoughts on “Sketches From the Past Few Months

  1. beautiful sketches. I dont know if it was intentional but I love how your son pops up in the corner of your two-page spreads. I’ve looked at your work so much now I’m beginning to recognise him in your drawings.


    • Thanks Meegan! I am beginning to notice a theme…Him with his nose in an electronic device so all I see is the top of his head. It’s how I get him to be patient enough for me to be able to sketch. My sketchbook is starting to look like a Where’s Waldo 🙂 you’d think I could draw him better being he is always in the same position. He is constantly wiggling as he plays though and the angle of his head always moving.


    • Thanks Raena! These are mostly ballpoint pen sketches. I do have a tough time scanning and photographing my pencil work though. I always seen to lose a lot of the subtle details. One trick I did pick up with the scanner that helps slightly is to put a black piece of paper over the work when scanning as opposed to the white lid cover. It seems to help a little.


  2. I enjoy sketching also . I do most of mine when my wife and I go on vacations. I have three sketchbooks devoted to those trips. they are great conversation starters. I have enjoyed your work. Keep on drawing.


    • Thanks for stopping by Roger. I have enjoyed your work as well. Have you posted any of those sketchbooks online anywhere? I would love to see them. I am always fascinated by the artist’s sketchbook. For me at least, it shows a quicker, more spontaneous response to what I am drawing. I enjoy the raw energetic quality that shows through.


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