Sketches from Spring Break in California

We’ve been back for a bit now and I am finally finding the time to be able to post some of my sketches from our spring break trip. We stayed in Anaheim, CA on the Disneyland property and took day trips along side going to the Disney parks. We took a day and traveled out to the desert to see an old abandoned silver mine in the ghost town of Calico, CA. We also drove to various beaches south of us on Route 1. One of the last days we took a trip down to the San Diego wild animal park where we went on a safari tour and fed giraffes and rhinos. I wish I would have had more opportunities during those times to actually sketch but with a family it isn’t always possible. I did take lots of pictures though and maybe those will end up as a more finished drawing.

United Club O'Hare

In-Flight Meal


View out hotel window

Disneyland Hotel Pool

Disneyland Hotel Pool

Newport Beach

Anaheim to Chicago

11 thoughts on “Sketches from Spring Break in California

  1. Really like this series of sketches. Inspires me to try to do something similar when I’m away from home next. Thanks!


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