Horse and Rider Portrait Complete

Alex and Scotty
Alex and Scotty — 10″x10-3/4″ Graphite Pencil on Illustration Board
Rebeca J Stahr © Copyright 2012

Starting last year my son and I have both started taking English style riding lessons. It has been one of those back burner life long of dreams of mine and when Alex and I had the opportunity to start taking lessons I don’t know who was more exited…him or me.

Coming up in a couple weeks we are participating in our first horse show (at a beginner level) and I am really looking forward to it. The stables where we take lessons is really great and they are letting me bring some portraiture brochures to leave in their office as well as at the show.

This is the second horse and rider portrait I have done and I would love to get further into that niche. Horses are amazing creatures and I can totally understand the love that horse owners have for their animals and everything equestrian.

11 thoughts on “Horse and Rider Portrait Complete

  1. What a lovely portrait of both the horse and your son! And, lucky you for being able to do this with him. I hope your brochures lead to some wonderful opportunities for you! nancy


    • Thanks Nancy! I do feel very thankful that I am able to share this with him. I also hope I get the opportunity to put some of this love I have found for the sport into some good drawings.


    • Thank you so much. I like to create strong lighting and dramatic changes from foreground to background to emphasize the subject. It does make it tricky to photograph though. Sometimes the subtle details get washed out.


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