Graphite Powder Worn Shell Fragment Study

graphite powder shell study

 Worn Shell Fragment
5″x5″ graphite powder  on vellum finish bristol board
graphite applied to board with brush and denatured alcohol.

3 thoughts on “Graphite Powder Worn Shell Fragment Study

  1. Hello Rebecca,
    Wow…you really are making great use of that graphite powder. I always wondered how you would use it…must admit, I have never heard of denatured alcohol – how do you use it and where can you get it from? I used to think that maybe you just kind of rubbed it into the paper dry.
    Anyway, this really is a beautiful drawing Rebecca.


  2. Stew, thanks!

    You are correct in that you can rub it directly on the paper. I have done that with a brush and blending stomp. I then sprayed that with workable fixative. Lastly I worked in my darkest darks using the graphite and alcohol. The alcohol turns it into a sort of paint/ink mixture. I just take a small amount in a glass jar and dip my brush into it and then into the graphite . I add more alcohol if I want to thin it down etc. I keep the alcohol covered because it is very vaporous as well as evaporates quickly.

    I found denatured alcohol at the hardware store. I used it because that is what others I had seen had used. I have also used Bestine thinner and it worked the same. I’m not sure if there is a technical reason or not to use one over the other.

    Give it a’s fun. It would work well for those ink portraits you have been doing lately which I love.


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