New entries into Sketchbook Project 2012/EDM Challenges

After a slight break in my Sketchbook Project 2012 sketchbook, I am back at it. I think the reason I held off is because I was at a challenge that didn’t really speak to me. Draw your favorite well loved object was the next challenge and I really don’t have many objects that I would consider well loved. I try to hold loosely to items I own and instead value the memories associated with them. Therefore the best I could come up with is my wedding ring. I would be upset if something had happened to it so therefore that does fall into the category of well loved. It reminds me of getting married on the beach in Costa Rica. The watch on the opposite page was given to my last May by my husband for my 40th birthday.

Sketchbook Project/EDM#6-8

I actually did drawing challenge number #7 to get over the hurdle of being at a standstill with the sketchbook. I love the graphic boldness of the Red Gold label so this was an easy choice. My pantry is always full of these cans. Much to my son’s chagrin, I seem to use them in just about everything.

Sketchbook Project/EDM# 7 Draw a bottle, jar or tin

7 thoughts on “New entries into Sketchbook Project 2012/EDM Challenges

  1. Well done! I’m with you on trying not to hold items themselves to closely. That said, when we were faced with a wild fire approaching our area (never really a problem, but it got us talking), I began to think about what I would grab. My thoughts went straight to my journals and art supplies!


  2. Thank you both.

    Raena, I too can think of a participular sketch of my son that I would grab. I would probably go for some of those even before the baby pictures.

    Mary, others on Flickr have mentioned how I did the rendering as well. Its funny how you don’t sometimes consciously think of things but instinctually do them. My goal was to focus on the tin and the brushes were secondary.

    Thank you both for taking the time to stop by.


  3. What “thing” is more lovable than one’s wedding ring? Not very many, I’d guess. It’s a lovely drawing of it, and I love the can! Nice and bright … I have some just like it in my cupboard! nancy


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