Getting ready to play

General's Graphite Power

I just received my order of General’s Graphite Powder and I can’t wait to get down and dirty with it.

Graphite powder is as it sounds…the pure powder form of what is found in pencils. What’s great about graphite in powdered form is it can be applied in a variety of ways both wet and dry.

In dry form, graphite can be applied with blending tools, brushes, chamois, etc. You can pull out highlights in this dry method with an eraser. In wet form, when you mix it with denatured alcohol and it acts more like ink. When it dries though it cannot be erased. These methods both can create intense flowing results with soft glowing edges.

I am really looking forward to playing. I will let you know the results.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready to play

  1. So far it’s been ummm…interesting. I am trying to find what I like best in terms of paper and application. I will do another post soon on my results. I think I am trying to treat it too much like charcoal and it isn’t producing the darks I had hoped for. Definitely will be good for toning the paper.


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