The old house across from Tastee-Freez

Old House Across from Tastee-Freez

We live in an old town in northern Illinois that is now a bigger town than it used to be but the old downtown along with a lot of the old houses are still there. We enjoy supporting the local businesses there and the Tastee-Freez has that old town charm to it and across the street are some of the towns original houses. On a beautiful day I enjoy taking my son there.

6 thoughts on “The old house across from Tastee-Freez

  1. Nice sketch. I enjoy how you left the tree and bushes as contours, as well as the simplicity of detail in the house. Great idea to go sketching in the old part of town.


  2. Thank you everyone.

    Sasa: I like how you call my jittery lines “relaxed.” Thank you for the compliment. I will have to tell myself that next time I am frustrated that my hand won’t stay as still as I’d wish. It has a definite mind of it’s own.

    Nancy: I do tend to over detail things at times too and made a deliberate effort this time to stick with the less is more approach.


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