Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains Road Trip Travel Sketches

Once again this year, our family decided to take a trip down to Gatlinburg, TN over the fourth of July holiday weekend and beyond. We stayed in Louisville at the Galt House on the Ohio River as a stop over both on the way down and back and the cabins we stay in are part of Elk Springs Resort  just outside of the town of Gatlinburg perfectly nestled up in the mountains. The views we had of the Smoky Mountain National Forest were breathtaking and the cabin was down to the details gorgeous. The road to our cabin was a winding drive about a mile up and around the ridge of the mountain our cabin was built on and although there were cabins somewhat nearby, you couldn’t see them or hear them. And although others have seen a black bear around our cabin, we didn’t get the opportunity to see any this year.

While on the trip I tried to take time here and there to pull out my sketchbook. While there were many more times I would have loved to have paused and pulled it out the camera had to do instead.

Louisville Travel Sketches - Galt House Roof Pool

The rooftop pool at the Galt House in Louisville, KY on the Ohio River. In the background you can see the Second Street bridge. On our way back home, someone was pulled from the river after either jumping or being pushed. My husband and son were out swimming when all the emergency vehicles blocked off the bridge and the helicopters and boats started their search. From what the news said, they were able to save the person.

Louisville Travel Sketches - Galt House View
View from our hotel room window of the park and river.

Louisville Travel Sketches - Galt House Room
Due to food allergies I have to pack a lot of backup food for myself. Here is my stash of fruit.

Louisville Travel Sketches - North End Cafe
We found some great restaurants in Louisville both on Bardstown Road and Frankfort Avenue.

Travel Sketches - Sleeping
I’m sure my son hates when I draw him while he is sleeping and then embarrass him by showing the world but it is the only time he is sits still.

GatlinburgTravel Sketches - Cabin View
The cabin was an A-Frame type of cabin with beautiful towing windows that looked out over our gorgeous view high up in the mountains.

Gatlinburg Travel Sketches - Cabin
The upstairs had a great entertainment area with a pool table, tv and seating areas. It was a great place to unwind.

Gatlinburg Travel Sketches - Cabin Hanging Out
Our last day at the cabin hanging out during the morning in the living room downstairs. You can see the kitchen area behind the couch.

I can’t wait to go back. The mountains and the National Forest with all the trails and river streams is truly inspiring in it’s awesomeness.

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