Memorial Day Camping Sketches

We spent this weekend camping in Caledonia, WI. When I say camping, I actually mean a cabin. Between my husband’s recent back surgery and my current neck pain we aren’t in much of a position to be bothering with the tent camping we used to do. The cabin is a happy compromise of nature and convenience along with our own hot shower(which doesn’t hurt). I do feel like I am cheating a little though.
Camping Sketches

The weather on Memorial Day finally turned beautiful compared to the cold, rainy and dreary weather we have been having lately. We went from 50s and 60s to probably close to 90 in a day. Gotta love the upper mid-west weather patterns. Do you think I can put my winter coat away yet?
Camping Sketches

7 thoughts on “Memorial Day Camping Sketches

  1. Thanks everyone!

    Yes Sandra… I shouldn’t sound like I am apologizing. It is just such a different experience comparing the two. I do enjoy both in their own way…especially when the rain comes in… Cabin definitely wins hands down then. 🙂


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