It’s a c-c-cold day for a ballgame

It has been a really cold and pretty miserable spring here. My son has started baseball and therefore, I have had to endure what is sometimes multiple days a week of the not so wonderful weather we have been having. One of the fields is out in the middle of farm fields and the wind is downright miserable. Add rain to that and you are secretly praying for a torrential downpour with lightning and thunder to put and end to the game and your misery.

This last weekend the parking lot happened to be right next to the field with a decent view. It was freezing cold and drizzly for what is supposed to be mid-May. I took advantage and stayed warm in the car. It was also a great view for sketching people.

Baseball Game Dugout View

Watching Baseball

Various Quick Sketches

8 thoughts on “It’s a c-c-cold day for a ballgame

  1. Before you had kids, bet you didn’t realize that you would be sitting out in the cold watching baseball! That’s love. Drawing from the car was a very successful idea.


  2. Thanks!
    Cathy and Sandra: Sitting in the freezing nasty weather was not something I had on my list of looking forward to and is much better done in the car where it is warm. Now they just need to build all the baseball fields to accommodate that. Wouldn’t it be nice sorta like a drive-in for sports 🙂


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